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MECCANO SETS 1981-2006
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Oscar Felgueiras

I got my first Meccano set in 1948, as a present for my 7th birthday.
It was a No.2 set, in red and green. With it came an Instruction Manual (in Spanish !!!), identical to the one shown at right.
That same evening, with the help of my daddy, I built my first model, a crane.
Little did I know at that time that I was hooked for life...

Though I occasionally still build some models, today I am mostly engaged in projects consisting on compiling Meccano Literature of all periods, and on documenting Meccano History and Products after the end of production in the UK, in 1981 (for details click on the buttons at the left).
Why did I choose this period? Well, not because I am particularly fond of it, but because this is the least known period of Meccano history, as far as I know, no one having yet studied and documented it in depth...

First results of this research were the Sets Parts Lists I have been publishing for some years now, which are kindly hosted by Timothy Edwards on his website.
There are 4 lists available for download as Excel spreadsheets.
If you want to download the latest versions (updated in September 2007), click here.

Other results of the research on the 1981-2006 period are Sets and New Parts lists for the sub-period 1998-2006.
Click on the menu entries at the left, to see what is already available, and follow the links to the download pages.

Stay tuned! Work is progressing for earlier sub-periods, and resulting lists will be added to this website as soon as available.