Oscar Felgueiras
MECCANO SETS 1970-2014

For several years now I have been developing a project consisting on scanning several hundred items of Meccano literature I own, ranging from the Meccano Made Easy early days to the present.
Idea is to make the compilation available to all the Meccano community.

As the project became known through the Spanner Internet Meccano forum, several friend Meccanomen offered to help. Many items were lent to me for scanning. Other contributors sent me scans of a large number of publications.

The compilation will be published as a collection of 12 CDs.
To see what will be on each CD, and the covers of all the items already fully scanned, click on the image at the right.

NEW    Publication of the Series continues - Volume 8 now available

 Volumes 8 and 9 of the Series, already published, are available from MW Mail Order. For full details, click here.

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